Your birthdate can tell you a lot about yourself in terms of the ancient practice of numerology – the study of numbers and how they connect with all aspects of your health, wealth, relationships and general well-being.

In numerology, your life path number can tell you a great deal about yourself and what your strengths and weaknesses are. To find out what your life path number is, simply add together the numbers in your birthdate until you reach a single digit number. For example, if you were born on December 13, 1970, you would add 12+13+1970, giving you a sum of 1995. You then add 1+9+9+5, giving you a sum of 24. Now add 2+4, giving you a life path number of 6. Do this for your own date of birth, then scroll down to your life path number to see what it says about you! Read more at numerology 333
Positives: Born leader, energetic, independent, freedom seeker from a young age, determined
Negatives: Needy, domineering, narcissistic, controlling
Common Professions: Military, traveling salesperson, executive, TV personality (news anchor, weather person, host)
Positives: Spiritual, good listener, mediator, sensitive, optimistic, intuitive, environmentally conscious
Negatives: Indifferent, aloof, irrational, combative
Common Professions: Psychic/Medium, counselor, teacher, therapist, advocate, customer service
Positives: Expressive, creative, artistic, willful, great writer, entertaining, funny, witty, free-spirited
Negatives: Temperamental, trouble staying in one place, arrogance
Common Professions: Writer, musician, artist, comedian, dancer, singer
Positives: Realistic, methodical, disciplined, centered, decisive, straight forward attitude
Negatives: Problems with anxiety, controlling, demanding, some may see you as unlikeable
Common Professions: Business executive, salesperson, school administration, tax professional, accountant, tradesman or other skilled professional
Positives: Curious, uninhibited, free, kind-natured, generous, very charitable and always willing to help a friend
Negatives: Easily manipulated, impatient, sexually promiscuous, not good at communicating in a relationship
Common Professions: Charity organizer/founder, flea market/thrift store owner, school counselor, sex therapist
Positives: Nurturing, motherly, truthful, domestic, leader, conservative by nature but not in a negative way
Negatives: Tendency to often feel used, can be critical of others but more critical of self, can take on too much responsibility and end up feeling overwhelmed
Common Professions: Stay at home parent, teacher, nurse, doctor, minister or religious counselor
Positives: Intense, hard-working, detail oriented, great at detecting deception, loyal as they come
Negatives: Perceptive to the point of becoming cynical, untrusting of others, lives a loner lifestyle
Common Professions: Law enforcement, detective, judge, lawyer, prison administration
Positives: Goal oriented, organized, precise, practical and stable, tend to be popular socially
Negatives: Domineering personality, can come off as being too eager, materialistic, tends to be referred to often as the “teacher’s pet” or the Boss’ favorite
Common Professions: Very open-ended here, nearly any profession fits with this life path number as long as it requires a lot of ambition
Positives: Flair for the dramatic, kind hearted, giving of self, able to hide feelings without feeling oppressed by them, responsible without being rigid, very passionate in the bedroom
Negatives: Can be a bit imposing, shallow, sometimes trusts people too much
Common Professions: Actor, singer, teacher, dancer, painter, fashion industry professional
I hope you found this article to be helpful in determining what your numerology birthdate says about you!