The first step towards solving a problem is identifying the cause. You cannot solve a problem that you do not know the source. This would involve a situation of trial and error. Trial and error is applicable on some cases especially those that do not involve living organisms. Trying trial and error in living organisms would be disastrous. With sciatica, a condition that brings about Sciatic nerve pain, it is no different. To cure it or avoid it, one should start by trying to understand its causes. With the causes, you, as an individual, can actively avoid causes that are avoidable. As a medical practitioner, you are able to administer the right medication on the patient suffering this condition.
There are different forms of sciatica and thus Sciatic nerve pain, which means that there are varying causes of the condition. Learning the most common causes will go a great step toward helping you fight or avoid the condition. Although, different forms may be caused by the same cause, the severity of exposure to the cause is what brings about the whole difference. Although similar, the causes must be related to the spinal cord, whether from within or external. The most common are external which stimulate the internal environment. For instance, some exercise, which is an external factor, may cause the lumber disc, which is an internal organ, to react causing the condition.
The most common cause of sciatica and Sciatic nerve pain is the lumbar disc directly pressing on sciatica nerve. Anything that causes irritation and inflammation on the nerve is likely to bring about sciatica. The irritation of the sciatica nerve is referred to radiculopathy. Irritation of this nerve could be caused by tumors, irritation by the bone adjacent to it, pinched nerve, internal bleeding, injury and infections. The sciatica can also be irritated during pregnancy due to the physiological changes women go through when pregnant. Read more on flexuron

Another cause of sciatica and the related Sciatic nerve pain is trauma. The trauma could have been brought about by vehicle accidents, or falling during football sports. This is an external factor that influences the lumbar causing sciatica. The impact from the accident or the fall could have an impact on the spinal cord and related nerves, which may, in effect, bring about sciatica.

Another common cause is the Piriformis syndrome, named after the Piriformis muscle. The pain occurs when the sciatic nerve is irritated by this muscle.